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 Popular Dive Sites

  • Blue Corner
  • Blue Hole
  • Oolong Channel
  • Chandalier Caves
  • Pelilu Express



Other Activities

  • Kayak Tours
  • Jellyfish Lake
  • Land Tours
  • Pelilieu Island
  • Rock Island Tours

"From beginners and intermediate to expert divers, there are over 50 existing dive sites, each possessing distinct characteristics and individual personalities to appeal to everyone’s desires:

Chandelier Cave, for instance, is a sub-surface catacombs of rooms filled with massive, ancient icicle-shape stalactites deposits that simultaneously hang from the ceilings of cavernous openings. Experienced guides ensure measures are taken to adroitly negotiate the dives that result from this shallow-water, yet challenging diving experience.

The Ngemelis Wall, commonly known as the Big Drop-Off, and declared by diving’s immortal icon, Jacques Cousteau to be the best wall dive in the world, is but one. Its precipitous 1,000 feet drop confers a profusion of intriguing sights of soft corals and reef animals, while its upper portion is encrusted with a rainbow of multi-colored sea fans, sponges, coral whips and soft corals.

Blue Corner, arguably one of the best in the world and the most famous of Palau’s underwater attractions, shows off constantly cruising gray reef sharks searching the rich waters for their prey. Insatiable photographers, their excitement masked considerably by the slow motion pace of underwater movement, train their equipment and snap away at schools of barracuda, giant resident Napoleon Wrasse that often reach six feet in length, snappers and butterfly fish. The dense concentration f marine life is revealed as these countless underwater fruits of nature dart in and out of a scintillating panorama of hard and soft corals that house them. And they are but a fraction of the more than 1,400 species of coral that thrive in these extraordinarily clear waters."- Palau Visitors Bureau









Most flights arrive at night via: United Airlines.  Upon arrivial you will clear immigration.  make sure to fill out your forms ahead of time as the line can get long.  Grab your bags and your Guide will meet you at the airport! Depending on your accommodations, your guide will get you to your hotel or liveaboard!  


When Leaving Palau, Make sure you have the exit fee of $100 with you on hand!


**Do not leave your bags unattended**


*Most of the accommodations have some Wi-Fi capabilities, however do not expect to have internet access 100% of the time. *




During Your Stay:

  • Participate in the Rock Island Tour!
  • Make sure to eat at the Taj resturaunt!
  • Finish off the trip with a dinner at Elilai Grill and Bar!
  • Visit the Milky Way with a rock island tour!
  • Try the local micro-bre Red Rooster!


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